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Exciting travel trends you need to know

Just like the fashion industry, technology, and the latest food crazes, travel too develops trends. Off the beaten path destinations become mainstream, unique modes of transportation pop onto the scene, and fresh tours are developed which few before have experienced.

In the age of social media and viral sharing, it’s very easy for travel trends to take off quickly these days. The following are our top travel trend predictions for 2018; though one trend which has never lost its steam is the importance of protecting yourself with quality travel insurance.

Glamping Experiences

Many travellers have become obsessed with finding off the beaten path destinations but are not yet willing to give up the 5-star comforts of a hotel. Thankfully the idea of glamping has really taken off in the past few years.
Glamorous camping allows travellers the opportunity to seek out the less touristy and unexplored regions, offering incredible unique experiences in return. You can now find glamping experiences just about everywhere including Australia which offers adventurous bush holidays where you can still have the comforts of a snug bed and traditional bathroom.

Even well know tourist hotspots such as zoos, botanical gardens, and national parks are jumping onboard with offering glamping experiences to visitors.

Homes over Hotels

Travellers are beginning to realise they can rent a whole house for the same nightly price as a small hotel room. Websites like AirBnB and Stayz offer a seemingly endless variety of homes for travellers to rent where they get the added conveniences of having several bedrooms, a full kitchen, and sometimes even their very own pool.

Staying in a home over a hotel sometimes allows you to get a more authentic experience of a destination as you tend to get outside the main tourist centre. You also usually get the added benefits of free parking, ability to cook your own meals, more space, and solitude. You will find the check-in/check-out process is often just as easy as a hotel and you can read up on an accommodation’s reviews so as to choose a highly accredited option.

Food Travel

Food based travel is definitely not a new trend but it is one that has no foreseeable end in the near future. We all love food and that rings especially true for travellers. Exotic destinations allow us to sample new tastes and recipe ideas. Cooking shows have become more popular than ever and we are all finding ourselves wanting to walk in the footsteps of such chefs as Manu.

Travellers have begun ditching the fast food chains and high end restaurants while travelling and are instead opting for more authentic street vendor cuisine. They are also booking accommodation which has cooking facilities so as to not only save money during their travels by self-cooking, but also to have the opportunity to visit local markets where they can pick up fresh ingredients to create their own masterpieces. Paying a visit to an international grocery store, especially one where the language is different, can be quite an exciting experience in itself.

Off Season Travel

Travel can get quite expensive, especially during peak season. Travellers have begun to realise they can save a lot of money or stretch their dollar by visiting a destination during their off peak or shoulder season. Flights, hotels, and tours can all be booked at a fraction of the price you would find during peak season and you will enjoy a destination without the masses of tourists.

Many places have become tainted or completely ruined due to the influx of tourists which is why travellers are realising the only way to experience well known destinations is to travel when tourist levels are at their lowest.

Solo Travel

People are beginning to realise they don’t need a companion in order to travel. Films are romanticizing solo travel lately which has many eager to set out on their own personal journey. Researching a destination has become easier than ever with the internet, allowing the solo travel to ensure their safety by booking accredited tours or gaining tips and knowledge on how to travel solo. Many travel companies also offer to pair up solo travellers or place them in groups, so if you find yourself without a travel partner but wish to have one, that is an option as well.

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