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Solo Travelling in India

When you are accompanied by the diversified nature, vibrant culture and rich heritage you don’t always need to have someone else with you. The bracing mountain air and undulating landscape, dunes of the desert, serene seashore, exuberant culture,  fusion of dance and music, mouthful cuisine, myths behind temples and life behind ancient forts and palaces… everything has got something to tell you.

Chances are high to miss the best of travelling when you are in a group. Often you are in a gossip mood when you are travelling with your friends or family and there something goes out of your sight… that may be the glimpse of a snow clad peak at dawn OR the mast of a ship at the horizon from the shore.

But when you travel solo you get a better opportunity to focus and capture the unusual to the finest sights and bring home a rare collection of scenes. Travelling solo exempts you from various obstacles… usually those that arise when you are travelling with your family and friends. You see taste matters.

You actually want to go for the Bhrigu Lake trek (take for example) on your four days trip to Manali but your LAZY FRIEND tells you, “Boss… I came here to relax. We can go for shopping today, local sightseeing tomorrow and may be Solang Valley day after tomorrow.” So, travelling solo is a much better option than travelling in a group. In addition, when we are travelling alone we also get the opportunity to discover ourselves… know what we actually are.

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