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The Best Way To Travel

There are those who travel long term that shout the message far and wide that this is the only authentic and best way to travel. This in turn enrages those who choose not to travel like this, instead opting for four-week vacations, or luxury travel.

Words of rage and insult get flung towards each other, and justification rises to the surface.

There’s the whole idea of backpackers thinking they are more enlightened as they traipse around the globe for a year on only $5,000, and the belief that travellers who stay in luxury resorts are on total cop out mode and have no desire to experience the “real world.” (Enter terrible MTV reality shows)

My latest posts on independent travel verse guided tours, had me thinking about all these different forms of travel that are available to us, and which then would be the best way to travel.

We have more of a slow expat style of travel. We move to a country, for a couple of years, get to know the culture more deeply and then travel slowly around the surrounding countries.

Not only does it give you a long-term deeper experience, it is also a more economical friendly way of around the world travel. You don’t have to save as much money to go in the first place, and if you choose wisely, you can earn a strong local currency to travel on.


We would definitely, without a doubt, say it is. This is how we have lived a life of travel. And this is what we recommend to anyone who asks us what is the best way to travel.

But what we think is best, is not necessarily what is best for the person asking the question.

There is only one true answer to the question “What is the best way to travel?

And that is,

“What is the best way for you?”

I can’t decide that for you and I can’t judge you because of your final answer.

To be honest, I don’t really care how you eventually choose to travel, whether it be for a year long round the world, a week at a resort, or a weekend camping trip at your local national park. All I care is that you are doing something that you enjoy and makes you happy.

Travel means its own thing to each person. I think the one common thing about it that we all share, is that in whatever form it takes in our lives, it brings us joy.

It gives us time to leave the dramas of our day behind, to relax, and to learn a little about ourselves and our world. It helps brings families and friends together, creating memories that will be talked about for many years to come. I love travel and I want everyone to do it because of the positive impact it has on our lives.

Travel is wonderful, no matter what shape or form it takes. The form that best suits you is the best way to travel.

On our blog, we can help you to travel in the form that we have chosen as the best way to travel for us, or we can do our best to inspire you to see the world in a different way that you would like more.

Even though we are expat travelers, I’ll still relish the luxury travel opportunities that come my way–the two week beach resort getaway where I can just eat, swim, drink and have massages; and I’ll do the fly-by-night city whirlwind stopover tours too.

As long as I’m feeling the travel buzz, I’m doing it. And as long as you are feeling the buzz, then you keep doing it too, anyway you like.

There is no one best way to travel. Don’t compartmentalize your travel life into thinking there is. You will only miss out on incredible opportunities.

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